Update: ACS:LAW has been dissolved and is no longer doing business. If you have received a letter or e-mail purporting to be from ACS:Law after 20 May 2011, ignore it - it's fake.

A roundup of how the end of ACS:Law and its filesharing letter campaigns came about can be found here.

beingthreatened.com has been established to collate all the relevant information regarding the  letters of claim sent out by Davenport Lyons and ACS:Law. The advice and information on this site are for the falsely accused only. We do not condone piracy, and we respect the right of the copyright holders to get compensation when their property is misappropriated.

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Are you guilty? Did you commit the alleged infringement or do you think you may have committed it?

You are guilty if you committed the alleged infringement yourself or authorised someone else to commit it using your connection. Sorry, the advice and information on this site is only for the innocent. If you are guilty, we can only advise you to get a solicitor.

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