This blog post was written by Spudley, one of our chatroom regulars:

Acting for the community

After logging my complaints with the ICO, SRA and CAB, I figured the only thing left was to make an appointment to see my local MP.  Last week I went to see my MP face to face. As a result of my visit he has been actively working on my behalf to try and bring an end to the unwarranted action.

Before my visit he had no idea that any of this was happening, so I feel like I have contributed to something that can help us all. Until the action was put into context, he was convinced it might be a scam. Needless to say he was extremely concerned that so many innocent people have been caught up in the speculative invoicing ACS Law are pursuing!

What can I do?

After I found how easy it is to go and see my MP I would strongly recommend everyone else does too. It takes very little time, and even if your MP is tarred by the expenses scandal, they still work for their constituents and will definitely be willing to help. What could you possibly lose? Help yourself, and the whole community, go and see your MP ASAP!

It took only an hour of my time, but has helped reduce my anxiety. I really can't stress enough how easy this was. Now I just have to wait for his reply informing me of what's happening next. Every extra MP who knows about this means more action, so the more of us who inform them, the better.


I simply Googled for my MPs contact details and made a call to his office. They gave me the options of attending one of his rural surgeries that week, or waiting to attend an appointment at his main office the following week. I chose the latter option as it gave me some preparation time.

I spent that time compiling a small folder of information that I considered to be relevant. Facts and figures from the beingthreatened website and other links that I thought might prove to be interesting. I put the beingthreatened fact-sheet in but also handed him a copy to read there and then and take away.

I made a point of ensuring he understood that this wasn't a one-off but rather that there is a huge number of people affected by this operation. It is important that our MPs understand this as they cannot advise on individual legal cases.

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