The evidence

Study: BitTorrent users prone to false copyright infringement claims
Logistep AG - this company gets paid for providing your IP address to law firms. So far they have refused independent examination of their evidence-gathering process. They have been ordered to stop collecting data in several European countries. Not yet in the UK, unfortunately.
Description of Logistep's File Sharing Monitor program (pdf) - page 6 onwards
Notes on evidence from ACS:Law
Evidence of File Sharing - File sharing and the weaknesses of the rights holder
Swiss Data Protection Commissioner orders Logistep to stop collecting data
French lawyer who threatened file-sharers using evidence from Logistep banned from practising law for 6 months
Italian information commisioner finds Logistep acting illegally - Logistep ordered to delete all data on Italian users within 2 weeks
Anti-piracy evidence in doubt as leecher is blamed for uploads
US federal court: IP addresses are not 'personally identifiable' information
EU Regulator says IP addresses are personal data
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